Forgotten Liam Hemsworth and Cody Simpson … Miley Cyrus has definitely moved on, or rather, someone else. The beautiful blonde fell in love with Maxx Morando, a young musician.

Less well known than his predecessors, Maxx Morando was not unknown to the battalion. The 23-year-old is indeed the drummer of the group Liily.

“She is happy with Maxx”

A source said about this relationship: “She’s happy with Maxx. It’s official between them. They are both artistic and creative, so being musicians has brought them closer together.” The same person also said that Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend had been supporting her in Miami during his New Years concert alongside Pete Davidson: “He was backstage with Miley and Pete during rehearsals and during recording, he had a great time with them. “

This isn’t the first time the lovebirds have been seen together, however. They were indeed photographed together during a Gucci presentation in Los Angeles last November. Rumors about a possible relationship between the 29-year-old singer and the young musician then began in view of their proximity and their complicit attitude.

Discreet about this new relationship, the famous interpreter of Hannah Montana nevertheless seems most fulfilled. A news that can only delight his fans who are impatiently awaiting a romance as strong and lasting as that of Liam and Miley. Who knows, this might be the right one?

Miley Cyrus © Peacock

Lara T.
Lara T.

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