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Miley Cyrus: this fatal anguish of the singer who pushed her to stop drinking

For many years, Miley Cyrus used drugs and alcohol excessively. Last June, the singer revealed that she had been sober for six months, in particular thanks to her companion at the time Cody Simpson, with whom she is now separated. Only it seems that Miley Cyrus recently had a moment of weakness. While the young woman has just turned 28 on November 23, 2020, she confided in her sobriety, during Apple Music’s New Music Daily show.

Aware that she has problems with moderation, Miley Cyrus has been upset by the recent health crisis, to the point that she has recently drunk alcohol. “I fell, I realize it now, and I’m back on the path to sobriety. Two weeks of sobriety, and I feel like I’m really accepting this period time,” she said, Just reports. Jared. Then, the young woman added that she does not want to be mad at herself and get upset. “You should not be angry with yourself, but you should ask yourself what happened.” On her momentum, the singer explained that according to her, everyone should do what is best for them. “I don’t have a problem with alcohol. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I get past a level …” she continued.

A trying year

Then, the young woman spoke of the year she lived: “27 years for me was a year where I really had to protect myself. And it really made me want to get sober, because we lost so many icons at age 27. This is a really crucial step. Then you go to the next chapter or else it’s over for you “, she concluded. It must be said that the year was trying for the singer, who separated in August 2019 from the Australian comedian Liam Hemsworth. After eight months of marriage and nearly ten years of relationship, the couple had decided to break up … Now, Miley Cyrus is single, and seems to focus on her sobriety.

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