Miley Cyrus: the confidences of her ex Cody Simpson on their breakup

They have had a short history. In October 2019, eight months after her separation from her husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus formalized her relationship with Cody Simpson. Longtime friends, both had decided to give each other a chance and they did not hesitate to share their happiness on social networks. After several months of relationship, they announced their separation in August 2020. In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia on Monday, May 31, the 24-year-old singer made some confidences about their breakup: “I had known her for a long time at that time. -there. She had been in a way for me, not a mentor, but an ultra-creative person of my entourage “, he explained initially before giving details on the birth of their relation:” We went from being a good friend with a lot of mutual friends to being together for a while. Of this short story, Cody Simpson keeps only good memories: “It all ended amicably. It was only one of those phases that we go through and where we learn a lot” , he concluded.

Despite their short relationship, Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have remained very close. From the announcement of their breakup, the American singer had explained to her fans that both wanted “to work individually on ourselves”. She then clarified: “For the moment, two halves cannot make a whole” and did not hesitate to indicate that they could be brought to be seen together in public: “Do not make a whole dramatic story if the next week we’re going out to buy pizza. We’ve been friends for ten years, and we’re going to continue to be friends. ” A way to restore certain truths since the 28-year-old artist is constantly at the heart of many rumors. If Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus wanted to end their relationship, it was however beneficial for them. Relatives of the couple had not hesitated to testify to the unfailing support that the young man gave his girlfriend. “He supports her in her healthy lifestyle and her sobriety. Cody is on her side,” an anonymous source told People magazine.

Cody Simpson, very fan of Miley Cyrus

Before starting a relationship with the American singer, Cody Simpson was a big fan of her. In 2012, then 15 years old, the singer did not hesitate to evoke his admiration for Miley Cyrus: “I know all his songs by heart, I will not lie, I am not ashamed. I was a big fan of Miley Cyrus, “he confessed at the time. Once in a relationship with her, he had once again declared, his laziness to the 28-year-old singer: “Being with Miley is a wonderful thing in my life. She is creative, inspiring, independent and she encourages me to be me. “Miley also inspires me in my art,” he said. Even though they are separated, both seem very happy in their daily life.

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