Miley Cyrus: she shows herself in very sexy outfit with a small topknot

We are currently a far cry from the long, wavy hair of teenage Miley Cyrus in the Hannah Montana era. The star’s haircut has gone through several phases of more or less radical changes. She adopted a brusque change by cutting her hair short to flaunt a circa platinum pixie cut. To admire in his clips We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball.

Miley Cyrus takes it a step further by having her mother cut her hair even shorter. We see her cut improve over time to finish with a bowl cut before adopting a long Mohawk ponytail. For a while, she went for an “early 2000s Jamie Oliver haircut.” Recently, Miley Cyrus’ cut was still layered, spiked, and mullet-bowl. All of a sudden, she appears with a cute topknot in several sets of Instagram posts.

“Made ya look. Now buy tickets to @summerfest”

Miley Cyrus’ pretty bun can be admired in several of her publications. On the other hand, it is also necessary to note her other publications with the same bun where she puts her posterior in view of all her followers. Miley Cyrus didn’t just post pictures, videos are also available, and you can see her wearing the same little outfit.

It’s clearly seen that Miley Cyrus is promoting Summerfest by inviting fans to purchase the tickets after she shows them what they want. “Y’all scared me with that turkey butt shit” is one of his legends. She posted it in response to various hurtful comments from some calling her bottom a “turkey ass”.

Miley Cyrus © Instagram

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