Mike Tyson, 56, may have retired from the ring in 2005, but he remains one of boxing’s greatest legends to this day. That’s why when he appeared in a wheelchair at a Miami airport last August, concern was felt among fans. Already, last July, in his podcast, Mike Tyson made disturbing remarks about his health. “When I look in the mirror, I see these little spots on my face, I say, ‘Wow. That means my expiration date is coming up, very soon.’ It only remained to see Iron Mike on a wheelchair a month later to imagine the worst scenarios. But let the fans be reassured, the one who is among the most feared men on the planet is not condemned by an incurable disease. During a recent interview with Newsmax TV, Mike Tyson spoke about his condition, while reassuring fans about his state of health. “I have sciatica that comes and goes. When I have a flare-up, I can’t even speak!”, he revealed, before specifying: “Thank God, it’s the only problem of health that I have. I’m doing like a charm at the moment!”. And this is, it seems, the case for all his little family. “Everyone in my house is really blessed and we are very grateful for everything we have,” concluded the boxer.

Mike Tyson: this violent altercation with a passenger on a plane

Last April, a video broadcast by TMZ made the buzz on the Web. In the latter, we can see Mike Tyson in the middle of a physical altercation with a passenger, while he was on a flight between San Francisco and Florida. The man, victim of bruises on the face, had then decided to file a complaint. The boxer’s spokesperson said: “Unfortunately Mike Tyson had a problem before the flight with an aggressive passenger who started harassing him and threw a bottle of water at him while he was at his square”. An incident that underlines one thing in any case: last April, Mike Tyson was apparently in great shape!

Mike Tyson in a wheelchair: the ex-boxer breaks the silence on his condition

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