Mike Tindall on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here
Zara Phillips’ husband then allowed himself a big breach of royal protocol
By insulting politicians…

It is a passage that the British royal family would have preferred not to see. At the moment, Mike Tindall, who is none other than the husband of Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne of England, is participating in a reality TV show, I am a celebrity… Get me out of ‘here. If the members of the royal family must be politically neutral and especially not to make any comment on the politics of the country, Mike Tindall did not hesitate to transgress these laws. While discussing with his camp mate, Seann Walsh, the rugby player let himself go by letting go: “I just think that all politicians are assholes”.

Stepping out of his right of reserve and more generally brushing aside politeness, Mike Tindall continues: “I mean they even have the conversation just because they’re all Boris fans who don’t have didn’t like the way Boris was ousted that you won’t pick the best person for the job, that just sums up the politicians.” A remark that echoes the arrival of Matt Hancock, former Secretary of Health within the show. It must be said that the participation of Mike Tindall in a reality TV show has been somewhat criticized.

Participation that gets people talking

Piers Morgan, journalist for The Sun countered that “some will sneer today that Mike Tindall shouldn’t degrade himself by appearing on a reality TV show and comparing him to royal renegades Meghan and Harry, who left Britain and the Royal Family and must ruthlessly exploit their titles for massive commercial gain in America”. He also recalled that “the Tindalls have never worked in the royal family, had neither royal titles nor received public money”. If he goes to the final, Mike Tindall could win no less than 150,000 pounds.

Mike Tindall is happy to participate in the filming of the show

A large sum that had reacted Nick Ede, writer: “I’m sure Mike was paid more than 150,000 pounds to appear on TV. But the real value of the show is what you do afterwards. That he gets a leading role as a sports pundit or a show host who knows, but for the ‘Tindall brand’ it’s a big step forward and it will increase its celebrity capital tenfold,” he said. in the columns of the Daily Mail. But Jack Royston believes that this participation “embarrasses the Crown” because it “explodes this mystique, this mystery and this enigma that surrounds them”. But whatever the critics, Mike Tindall is happy to participate in this shoot: “Zara told me to have fun and be myself. Her biggest worry is seeing me eat loudly. She will be very happy if anyone makes a comment about the noise I make while eating, because that’s always a point she raises,” the sportsman revealed to the Mirror.

Mike Tindall: this huge (and gross) breach of royal protocol on TV

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