This is a pretty amazing interview. This Tuesday, January 24, the auction company Magic Millions broadcast on Youtube the very first episode of the new show Mike Drop, hosted by Mike Tindall. And now for his first guest, he thought… of his wife, Zara Tindall. During this interview, husband and wife returned to their marriage but also to the difficulties encountered by Zara Tindall with her rider physique. “It was hard to get back into shape when you’ve been riding for 25 years, and your body just can’t do it anymore. Your muscles don’t do anything, stretch and create an amazing thing, but it’s totally different. Everything to get her body back was, in my opinion, hard work,” she said, referring to the birth of her first daughter in 2014.

But Zara Tindall was pleased to have a young girl who is interested, like her, in the equestrian world. “But she was there too and very attracted to the performances, which is easier under these conditions. I found it hard also to get back to it. Mentally, as a mother, you feel guilty for leaving your child to go do something else” confessed the mother of Mia, Lena and Lucas. A remark that made Mike Tindall bounce: “Was it because you didn’t trust the dad?” he asked.

A mother’s support

To which Zara Tindall responds tit for tat: “I had to call you every day to make sure you were doing things right, retorted Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, laughing. But you feel guilt, I feel guilty all the time, but that’s just one aspect of my life now,” she said. Fortunately, Zara Tindall can count on the support of her husband and her children.

Mike Tindall: this cash question about their couple asked his wife Zara in the middle of an interview

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall © Backgrid USA

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