Mike Tindall did not finish first on the show.
The former rugby player returns from the Australian jungle in fourth place.
Despite everything, Mike Tindall receives a triumphant welcome and reunites with his wife Zara Phillips.

Mike Tindall, 44, comes out of the jungle alive. The former rugby star is welcomed like a hero at the hotel. Zara Tindall, the niece of King Charles III, 41, arrived on the spot with her husband who has just been expelled from reality TV. As a reminder, the former rugby player, world champion, participated in the reality show I’m a celebrity, get me out of there. Filming for the show was done in an Australian jungle. The Mirror reports that Zara Phillips’ husband was kicked off the show on November 27, 2022. The winner of the reality show will be crowned on Sunday according to the Mirror.

It will therefore not be Mike Tindall since he leaves the series in fourth place. A commentator had revealed that Mike Tindall would have participated in the show for financial reasons. Anyway, the former rugby player seems to be particularly delighted to return to civilized life although he “laughed a lot” when he was in the jungle. Mike Tindall made a triumphant entrance as he arrived at the JW Marriott Hotel with his wife Zara Philips. Mike Tindall raised his arms in the air to celebrate his return to civilization after being kicked out of the jungle.

Mike Tindall: the former rugby player likes to wear “little swimsuits” in the shower

After embracing his castmates, including Seann Walsh and Sue Cleaver, Mike left with Zara to shower and eat in one of the hotel suites, reports the Mirror. The husband of the King of England’s niece says he was happy with his stay in the jungle. Ant and Dec, the show’s ITV commentators have teased Mike Tindall about the “tiny swimsuits” he wears in the shower. Commenters have asked if the tiny boxer briefs were Zara Phillips’ idea or her own. “It was always my idea! You wear a bathing suit in the shower, it’s always kind of fun. Get my pineapples out!” Mike Tindall said.

Mike Tindall: he reunites with his wife Zara Phillips after a high-profile disappointment

Zara Phillips (Zara Tindall) and her husband Mike Tindall © Instagram

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