This is news that worries fans of the singer. This Saturday, April 2, Mika was to perform in Boston, United States. But a few hours before the start of the show, the former coach of The Voice posted a rather confusing message on Instagram: “I am very disappointed to announce that I have to cancel my show at the Roadrunner in Boston. I have been sick and I had to have an emergency appointment with a doctor”, he begins by explaining before continuing: “According to the prerogatives of the doctors, I am not able to ensure the Boston show”.

If he does not mention his health problem, Mika still hopes to quickly find his fans this Tuesday, April 5, in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, this message must have been quite a blow for the singer’s fans who, in recent years, have lived through very difficult times. In 2019, the interpreter of Relax learns that his mother has an incurable disease. Unfortunately, two years later, she will disappear, leaving Mika in immense grief. He then turned to music to soothe his pain.

Mika, mourning the loss of his mother

Indeed, the disappearance of his mother was a real source of inspiration for Mika. On February 4, 2021, he mentioned to our colleagues from Parisian, that his show at the Royal Opera of Versailles had been dedicated to him: “All my family was present at this concert, and even my mother was there in a wheelchair. in a way, I was doing this concert for her. She left shortly after, certainly proud of who I had become”. Touching words for the one whose state of health has become very worrying today. Hoping that Mika does not suffer from a serious illness and that he can quickly find his audience.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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  1. I was there and had bought 4 tickets. Has e been a fan and have traveled for his shows for years. Disappointed as I came early from overseas to see him. Wish they would be more honest as to what happened. Friends think not a good advertising work done in Boston and probably not a big turn out. ?

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