Michelle Pfeiffer: “My personal life was a mess”

At the start of her career, Michelle Pfeiffer had a very bad encounter. While she wanted to solve her problems of addiction to alcohol and tobacco, the pretty blonde met a couple leading a cult. In exchange for their help to fight her addictions, Michelle Pfeiffer, totally under their control, give them very large sums of money in return. If she managed to get out with the help of Peter Horton, the 62-year-old actress subsequently had some crazy experiences. Finally, it was the passing of time that pushed him to settle down. In an interview with Public, the pretty blonde revealed: “At 35, my body clock started ticking. I was single and realized my personal life was a mess. After years of being drawn to the dark side of things, walking around with shady guys in a convertible, it was time to pull myself together and start a family. I didn’t want to wait any longer. The days of showing off, getting high and rock and roll are over! J chose my priorities. ”

So Michelle Pfeiffer decided to adopt a child after her divorce. Evoking the mother she had been to her daughter Claudia, and her son John, the actress revealed: “I was afraid of kidnappings, school shootings, racketeering, drugs that circulate in the classes. recess … Until the day I understood that I had to brood them less. If I hadn’t let go of the ballast, I would have ended up in the asylum. ” While she has long been attracted to bad boys, the young woman revealed how her companion, David E. Kelley was different from others: “He is patient and considerate. Before, men made me cry. He made me cry. Laugh! Before, I put all my energy into my career: I thought that by slipping into other people’s shoes, I would forget my distress and my neuroses. Until I met him … ”

The star’s secret to a happy relationship

For twenty-eight years, the star and her husband have not left each other. The secret to a happy relationship? “We make time for the two of us. It’s essential for us, who immediately had children. Claudia arrived two months after we met, then we had John: we never went on honeymoon. But, at least, we still live in the hope of celebrating it tomorrow! “, She confided.

Michelle Pfeiffer © Zuma Press

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