Michelle Obama in a swimsuit: this anxiety of the ex-First lady explained by her husband

When you’re a media person, you know that being photographed by paparazzi in not always pleasant situations is possible and uncontrollable. Nevertheless, we can try to avoid it and that is what Michelle Obama did. Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Barack Obama spoke about his life as president. He took the opportunity to reveal that the former First Lady of the United States did not want to be photographed in a swimsuit. “One day when we were going to the beach with my daughter Sasha, my wife told me that she would not be photographed in a swimsuit”, remembers Barack Obama. If there is no particular reason for this choice, Michelle Obama told him that it was “one of my main goals as First Lady”. We can therefore say that she has succeeded since in 8 years at the head of the country, no photo of her in a swimsuit has seen the light of day. The former president of the United States also gave details of his married life, revealing that Michelle Obama is “much funnier” than him most of the time. “I have to say it, because she insists that she is … She can tell stories very well,” he begins by saying. “There is a rule in our house saying she can tease me but not me. I already told her it was not fair but she said” yes so what? “, He explains then So it seems that all is going well for the couple since the end of Barack Obama’s mandate.

A complicated mandate for the First Lady

Barack Obama was the President of the United States from January 2009 to January 2017. During his 8 years, it seems that his relationship with Michelle Obama has experienced ups and downs. In an interview with People, he revealed how his couple had been weakened. Indeed, his wife made a lot of sacrifices during his two terms and she didn’t want him to be in politics. “There were nights when, lying next to Michelle in the dark, I thought about those days when everything was easier between us,” he explains. He also said that she blamed him for “sacrifices made to their family” and that she found it difficult to deal with “the pressure” and “the stress”. Aware of her condition, the former President admits that he has not always been there for her. “There were times when I think she was frustrated, sad or angry, but I knew I had Afghanistan or the financial crisis to deal with instead of worrying about it.” If everything seems to be better now, the couple who made Americans dream have had bad times.

Michelle Obama © Instagram

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