In 2011, Michel Fugain separates from the mother of his children, Marie, Alexis and Laurette, after 33 years of love. From now on, the singer shares his daily life with Sanda, a young woman 24 years his junior. Originally from Romania, she is also the happy mother of two girls, named Iona and Jessica. Invited in the show En aparté on Canal +, the artist spoke of how he met this young woman, who is now an integral part of his life. It was in 2002 that the two lovebirds saw each other for the first time, in Corsica, in a piano bar: “I came home, I heard her sing and I absolutely wanted to talk to her. spoken, we started our conversation which is still going on,” he said.

But Michel Fugain still wants to clarify: “We were first friends.” Sanda has become “a kind of indispensable friend because we understood each other, what. I was sixty years old exactly. I’ve known this woman for twenty years.” A story that never ceases to thrill the singer, even if sometimes their relationship was not easy to accept, especially for his children: “I have a son who is a marvel, an incredible daughter who m made two grandsons who are jewels, and even if there was a difficult period, everything returned to normal. There is a lot of love”.

The ex-wife of Michel Fugain does not carry it in his heart

On the other hand, Michel Fugain is not in the heart of his former wife: “I am very authentic… It is fashionable to say ‘I am very good friends with my ex, with his new…’ I don’t doesn’t work like that! I respect those who do it, but I can’t see myself going to tell my children ‘come on, we’re all going to spend Christmas with the patches! There are things that don’t get done in life. Me , I was well educated, surely…”, had declared in the emission of Jordan Deluxe.

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