It has now been 14 years that Michel Blanc spins the perfect love with his girlfriend, Ramatoulaye Diop. The one who played Emile in the film Mélanie Auffret had told Ciné Télé Revue that it was empowering to play with children. “You have to be careful, a child can quickly feel hurt because we had a mood swing,” he explained, referring to an anecdote about a young partner, Elliot. The 70-year-old actor took the opportunity to express his possible regrets for not having had children.

“No, it never happened in my life even if with my partner for fourteen years I said to myself ‘yes maybe’, but I decided too late. It would have been ‘your grandfather is coming to you pick up at school’ I wanted to avoid that,” he said. “By mutual agreement we said to each other that it would be madness. It may be better that way. I might not have been a good father. worth it,” he added. Even though he has no children, Michel Blanc is visibly at peace with himself on this point.

Michel Blanc: “She’s a big Senegalese, she’s not my size!”

It is to our colleagues from Ciné Télé Revue that Michel Blanc willingly opened up about his companion. The actor had confided that she was a stylist. “She created her brand Dokke (which means Dons). Fortunately for her, I don’t model,” he confided with humor. “She’s a tall Senegalese, she’s not my size! These are city clothes,” he continued. Michel Blanc underlines the fact that the creations of his companion were rather popular with Americans. Although the couple is very happy, the lovebirds only meet in the morning and evening. Working on Sundays, Ramatoulaye Diop leaves Michel Blanc alone, who has to overcome boredom by running errands and lounging in front of the TV.

Michel Blanc as a couple: who is his companion Ramatoulaye Diop?


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