Michael Weatherly: who is his wife Bojana Jankovic?

Famous for playing Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in the NCIS: Special Investigations series, Michael Weatherly is now the star of the Bull series where he plays Doctor Jason Bull. On the occasion of the broadcast, this Friday, September 11, of the series on M6, Closer invites you to discover who Bojana Jankovic is, the woman who has shared the life of the American actor, for several years.

It was in 2006, three years after breaking up with Jessica Alba, his partner in Dark Angel, that Michael Weatherly met this famous doctor from Eastern Europe. In 2009, they married and gave birth, in 2012, to a little girl, Olivia, then to a little boy, Liam, born in 2013. Specialist in integrative medicine, a mixture of conventional medicine and alternative medicine, Bojana Jankovic is one of the most famous doctors in New York where she settled with her family. Followed by several thousand people on her Instagram account, she shares her well-being solutions. In addition, Bojana Jankovic also leads a small career in Hollywood as a screenwriter.

Michael Weatherly: “I’m lucky. I have a wonderful wife”

In December 2017, in an interview with our colleagues from People, Michael Weatherly confided in his first marriage which lasted only a few months in the 1990s – “a very difficult period” – and on his happiness to have founded a family with Bojana Jankovic. “When I remarried, I wanted to do my best that the breakup wouldn’t happen again. My children and my marriage are the things I’m most proud of (…) I’m lucky. J “have a wonderful wife and I’m on the right track for a very happy retirement. I must first educate my children,” said the American actor.

Bojana Jankovic and Michael Weatherly © Claudia Albuquerque

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