Michael Schumacher is a racing driver who has made an impression for many years. His career came to an abrupt halt when he suffered a skiing accident in December 2013. His state of health has long been kept secret, especially since he came out of a coma. More recently, it was Eddie Jordan, a longtime friend, who gave his news, as reported by The Mirror this Monday, February 27. “He is there … without being there”, he begins first before adding that he was very touched for Mick Schumacher, the pilot’s son. “As far as I’m concerned, I was touched by him because it must not be easy to know that your father cannot be part of the family,” he assured. As a reminder, Eddie Jordan gave Michael Schumacher his chance in F1 after the German made his debut for the team in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. touched a lot”, he continued before adding: “I did everything to find him, to give him his first chance… It didn’t last long but my love for him didn’t last. not moved and I would like it as long as I am able to breathe”.

News of Michael Schumacher are very rare, especially since he has been very discreet since his terrible accident. His relatives are also very private and little information about the racing driver is leaking. A few weeks ago, it was Jean Todt, one of his longtime friends, who made some confidences in the columns of Bild. He then took the opportunity to give news of Michael Schumacher. “I’m happy that the fans, not only in Germany, think of him so much,” he said before adding: “People ask so many questions about Michael. The fans should know that he is in good hands. “. Rather reassuring news since Jean Todt then clarified that the racing driver was very well surrounded. “In the best possible situation and surrounded by people who love him,” he concluded. A few weeks earlier, Jean Todt had mentioned his friendship with Michael Schumacher. “This trust, this complicity was total and still exists in a different way today for reasons that we know. We are still together,” he said before continuing: “We will be together until bout. With him, with his family… It’s part of my close environment”.

Michael Schumacher: why is news about him rare?

Fans of Michael Schumacher are constantly hoping to hear from him, but it’s very complicated. Information about the racing driver is very rare and it was Sabine Kehm who, in March 2016, gave details. “In general, the media never reported on the private life of Michael and Corinna. When he was in Switzerland, for example, it was clear that he was a person who likes to keep his life private, private”, she had first recalled. She then said that she had a discussion with Michael Schumacher. “I think it was his secret dream to be able to disappear one day. That’s why now I always want to protect his wishes and in this sense say nothing today,” she concluded. It is therefore the choices of the principal concerned that are respected.

Michael Schumacher: "Without being there...", one of his very close friends says more about the condition of the former driver

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