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Michael Schumacher: where does the champion live today?

Subscribers absent from the media scene since December 29, 2013, the day his life changed after a serious skiing accident, Michael Schumacher is now only revealed to a small circle of relatives. Among them, his wife Corinna, his children Mick and Gina, and Jean Todt. For years, the former boss of Ferrari has been a friend of the ex-Formula 1 driver and has visited his bed regularly. To do this, he made the way to Switzerland, and more precisely to the house of the Baron Rouge, located very close to Lake Geneva. This Sunday, July 19, Jean Todt was therefore able to give his news – as he has already done in the past – in the columns of the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

One way for him to make the mystery that hangs over Michael Schumacher’s health more bearable for his admirers. “I saw Michael last week,” said the former rally co-driver, who is reassuring. “He’s fighting. I hope the world can see him again soon. That’s what he and his family are waiting for.” The former star of the race tracks therefore continues his recovery, as he has done for six years. In July 2019, Jean Todt delivered similar confidences on Radio Monte-Carlo. “I am always careful with such statements, but this is true. I saw the race with Michael Schumacher at his home in Switzerland. Michael is in good hands and is well cared for at home at his house,” said -he. And to continue: “He does not give up and he continues to fight. His family continues to fight just as much.”

Two rooms, two atmospheres

But if some news is optimistic, while Corinna Schumacher does everything to preserve the silence around the health of her beloved coming out of her reserve only on rare occasions, other sources share very different statements. According to the latter, the health of Michael Schumacher is deteriorating while he is also suffering from muscle atrophy. Who to believe? Distraught by this mystery, some even go so far as to violate his privacy, sometimes in order to profit from it.

Michael Schumacher at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 4, 2010. Micha © API / BESTIMAGE

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