Michael Schumacher: update on the health of the Formula 1 driver

This Sunday January 3, Michael Schumacher celebrates his 52nd birthday. Candles that the former Formula 1 driver will once again blow away from the media scene since, since December 29, 2013, his state of health has given rise to speculation and doubts. While going off-piste at the resort of Méribel, in the French Alps, he was the victim of a serious skiing accident following which he suffered a head trauma when his head had violently hit rocks. Plunged into a coma for many months, he was hospitalized at Grenoble University Hospital, where he underwent a first neurosurgical operation. Released from his coma in June 2014, he was transferred to Lausanne before returning to his home three months later and is said to be suffering from irreversible consequences.

Since then, radio silence, despite some rumors affirming the seven-time Formula 1 champion at worst or, in full convalescence. In September 2019, however, nearly six years after his terrible accident, Le Parisien revealed that Michael Schumacher had been admitted to the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital in Paris to undergo treatment by professor and cardiac surgeon Philippe Menasché. The daily specified that the former pilot had “benefited from infusions of stem cells which are diffused in the organism in order to obtain a systemic anti-inflammatory action, that is to say in the whole organism.” The information had stirred passions and a nurse from the establishment ensured that the main concerned was aware. Before an anonymous takes a picture of him without his knowledge, surfing the wave of emotion created by the secrecy around his health.

His wife doesn’t say a word

Last July, a neurosurgeon, Nicola Acciari, nevertheless asserted that Michael Schumacher’s state of health had considerably “deteriorated” since his accident. Lying down and motionless for many years, he was said to be suffering from muscle atrophy. And it will not be necessary to count on the relatives of the pilot to say more. Since his accident, his wife Corinna has padlocked the communication, only rarely coming out of silence, wanting to be reassuring despite the rumors saying her dear and tender in bad point. A deafening silence that her children respect.

Jean Todt: “he fights”

Determined to cultivate the mystery around the health of Michael Schumacher, the mother stands in the way of her friends. “[She] decides who is allowed to see him,” Luca Badoer, ex-colleague of the Baron Rouge, explained in July 2019. But she cannot prevent certain relatives from speaking. “I saw Michael last week. He is fighting. I hope the world can see him again soon. That’s what he and his family are expecting,” Jean Todt told the Daily Mail last July. Last September, the former boss of Ferrari gave news of Michael Schumacher again. He is now his only link with the public.

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