For several years, he has been the only one to break the secret around Michael Schumacher’s health. In a new interview recently given to the newspaper Le Figaro, Jean Todt thus reiterated, again confiding in the subject of the health of Baron Rouge. The former Formula 1 driver suffered a serious skiing accident in December 2013 and has remained in the shadows ever since. What fuel speculations on his health, rumors and doubts that the members of his entourage do not dispel, unlike the president of the International Automobile Federation.

“Michael was seriously injured, this was followed by a handicap,” he summed up to our colleagues. “Today, his family and those around him are with him to try to make things happen.” Jean Todt remains attentive to those close to Michael Schumacher, determined to advise them so that the ex-star of the tracks can calmly continue his convalescence. “I am close to them. They know that I am listening to them. It is a small participation, at my small level.” A role that he also takes on with the son of the principal concerned.

What link does Jean Todt have with Michael Schumacher’s son?

Because Jean Todt also watches over the two children of Michael Schumacher, in particular his son Mick who followed in his father’s footsteps. “I’ve learned a lot from him,” said the young driver to Motorsport, “and it’s very important to identify who I can trust and who I can’t trust.” The two have the opportunity to pass each other and talk to each other when Jean Todt visits Michael Schumacher, “at least twice a month.”

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