A complicated decision … Seven years after Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident, his wife was forced to make a heartbreaking choice. According to the German newspaper Bunte, Corinna intends to part with a special property for the couple: the ranch they had bought a few years ago. Located in Switzerland, not far from Lake Geneva, it is a property dear to the heart of the family. And yet, the wife of the Red Baron decided to put it on sale for the modest sum of 5.87 million euros (the couple had spent 3.5 million euros to afford it). The estate agent handling the transaction described the over 20,000m² ranch, once used as a mill, as “an exceptional property in a quiet and protected location” where Corinna Schumacher could ride a horse, the one of his passions.

A decision motivated by money? If Corinna Schumacher has not yet spoken, it may well be that she is indeed looking to save money. Because since the terrible accident suffered by the former glory of Formula 1, medical costs are a real financial windfall. For her husband’s nursing care and treatment, she would have to pay more than 50,000 euros per week. Extremely rare in the media, the one who padlocked communication around Michael Schumacher’s health had given an interview to She magazine. “I don’t forget who I have to thank, she confided, in 2019. He did everything for me. I will never forget who I have to thank. And that’s my husband Michael.”

Michael Schumacher “fights”

In September 2019, nearly six years after his terrible accident, Le Parisien revealed that Michael Schumacher had been admitted to the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital in Paris to undergo treatment by professor and cardiac surgeon Philippe Menasché. The daily specified that the former pilot had “benefited from infusions of stem cells which are diffused in the organism in order to obtain a systemic anti-inflammatory action, that is to say in the whole organism.” But his state of health had deteriorated considerably, since he was suffering from muscle atrophy. “I saw Michael last week. He is fighting. I hope the world can see him again soon. That’s what he and his family are waiting for,” Jean Todt told the Daily Mail last July.

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