Michael Schumacher: Jean Todt, his lifelong friend, gives his news

How rare is the news of Michael Schumacher … Since the Formula 1 champion was the victim of a skiing accident in 2013, his relatives have decided to lock out communication around him. Result: only a few people, and the family of the Red Baron, continue to rub shoulders with him in a discretion taken to the extreme. Treated for many years for the after-effects of its accident in the Méribel resort, the former glory of the racing circuits is fighting every day to make progress in its reconstruction. And according to one of his lifelong friends, his health is improving. At the Corriere della Sera, the president of the International Automobile Federation explained to see Michael Schumacher “at least twice a month”: “I do not leave him alone”. Like him, the wife of the former pilot is omnipresent. “Him, Corinna, the family: we have had many experiences together,” he continued. “The beauty of what we have been through is part of us and continues.”

As often, Jean Todt gave news of Michael Schumacher but without saying too much. Already last September, he explained to the PA News press agency that the seven-time world champion “was fighting”. “My God, we know he had a terrible and unfortunate skiing accident, which caused him a lot of problems,” he continued. “But he has an amazing wife by his side, he has his children, his nurses, and we can only wish him and his family the best. All we can do is be with them. ” What we know about Michael Schumacher’s health is therefore very superficial. Released from a coma in June 2014, he was transferred to Lausanne before returning to his home three months later and has since suffered from irreversible sequelae. In September 2019, he underwent special treatment at the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital, in Paris.

Mick Schumacher: his rare confidences about his father

Last July, a neurosurgeon, Nicola Acciari, nevertheless affirmed that the state of health of Michael Schumacher had considerably “deteriorated” since his accident. Lying down and motionless for many years, he is said to be suffering from muscle atrophy. Only joy? His son Mick, who followed in his footsteps and entered Formula 1 this season. A few weeks ago, he also told how he had revealed to his father his dream of becoming a pilot. “We were in Kerpen, on the kart track. We were chatting and he asked me if I saw racing as just a hobby or a serious thing. I was clear: it was serious for me. my mother supported me in this choice, he said. The most important thing he told me was that I had to have fun. And to see that I put this suggestion into practice was very important to him. If you like what you’re doing, you’re doing it right. “


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