Michael Schumacher is a racing driver who has made an impression for many years. His career came to an abrupt halt when he suffered a skiing accident in December 2013. His state of health has long been kept secret, especially since he came out of a coma. This Wednesday, February 1, it was his money that was mentioned by the media Cuatro. According to the Spanish newspaper, the former Formula 1 champion would hold a fortune of 600 million euros. An amount that he would have managed to accumulate over the years thanks to his career in motorsport but also his numerous advertising and sponsorship contracts. Indeed, he would have obtained more than 10 million dollars to wear the caps of the Shell brand at each of his appearances. Thanks to this type of contract, he would have obtained a total of nearly 50 million dollars. The same goes for the one with Mercedes in his last F1 season, which would have earned him more than $20 million. A fortune amassed over the years and which allowed him to provide for his family’s needs but also for his health, when he was the victim of his serious accident.

Michael Schumacher chained the contracts and he earned a lot of money. This fortune, he did not hesitate to use it with his wife Corinna, for projects that were close to their hearts. In particular, they acquired many properties. Indeed, the couple owns one in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva and paid nearly 35 million euros. A house in which the F1 driver lives today and which has been adapted to his health problems. Both would also have acquired a ranch to raise horses. In southern Europe, Michael Schumacher and Corinna own a property in Mallorca worth 40 million euros. According to Majorca Daily Bulletin, the family owns a man-made island off the coast of the United Arab Emirates named The World. Passionate about luxury cars, Michael Schumacher has not hesitated to buy many over the years. Among them, a 2003 Ferrari, estimated at 9.5 million Swiss francs. Goods of which the former F1 champion is very proud.

Michael Schumacher: have his relatives given his news?

Fans of Michael Schumacher are very worried about the former champion, especially since he has been very discreet since his accident. His relatives are also very private and news about him is very rare. A few weeks ago, Jean Todt, a longtime friend, made some confidences in the columns of Bild. “I am happy that the fans, not only in Germany, think of him so much,” he said before adding: “People ask so many questions about Michael. Fans should know that he is in good hands. . In the best possible situation and surrounded by people who love him”. Long-awaited and reassuring confidences.

Michael Schumacher: has the colossal amount of his fortune been revealed?

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