Revealed to the general public by his role in the series The Wire, Michael K. Williams has left many fans around the world orphaned. So much so that, when he was found dead on September 6, 2021, in his Williamsburg apartment in Brooklyn where he spent most of his childhood, the actor was the subject of a wave of tributes on the Web. . The causes of his death, however, remained to be confirmed, although the track of overdose was favored before any other hypothesis.

This Friday, September 24, the office of the chief forensic pathologists in New York came out of the silence to say more about the causes of his death. His report establishes that Michael K. Williams did indeed die at the age of 54 from an overdose. And more precisely, of “acute poisoning, by the combined effects of fentanyl (a powerful opiate, editor’s note), fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine.” Once again, the disappearance was called an accident. The office abstains from any other comment. Confirmation with serious consequences for a specific member of the deceased’s entourage.

A difficult road to sobriety for Michael K. Williams

The eternal interpreter of Omar Little in The Wire had never hidden having struggled for a long time to cure his addiction. Such was moreover the case while he was playing the role of his life. A fight he led from the age of 19. “God saved me for a purpose,” he said during an interview with Inside Jersey in 2012. “So I decided to quit drugs and then stay clean. I hope I can be. that person.” During the same interview, Michael K. Williams said that this decision was mainly due to the unconditional support he received from a pastor at Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, New Jersey. Reverend Ronald Christian was one of the first to reach out to him on his tricky journey to sobriety.

Michael K. Williams © INSTAGRAM

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