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Michael Jackson: why he secretly settled down with a member of the Bee Gees

More than ten years after the death of Michael Jackson, his life continues to fascinate. And if we thought we knew everything about the king of pop, it is far from the case. A former Bee Gees made an amazing revelation: in the early 2000s, the Thriller performer moved in with him. At the time, Michael Jackson still owned his huge Neverland ranch but had preferred to move to Barry Gibb’s house in Miami. If at the beginning, the singer was a regular visitor, he ended up settling his bags in Florida, as reported by The Express. “He would come to Miami and stay in our house,” the disco legend explained to The Sun in 2014. He would sit in the kitchen and watch the fans in front of his hotel on TV, he would laugh. He lived. upstairs for quite a while. ” When he moved in with Barry Gibb, Michael Jackson was preparing his trial for assaulting minors.

“It was just before his trial for child abuse. But we never discussed the case,” continued the ex-Bee Gees. Together, the two men spent entire evenings drinking alcohol. “We would just sit and write and get drunk,” he said. “Michael loved wine – there were a few nights he would just sleep on the floor.” In 2009 after the news of Michael Jackson’s death, Barry Gibb said he was totally “devastated”: “We not only lost a great friend in Michael, but also a wonderful, sensitive human being”. In an interview with The Roxborogh Report, he recalled their long friendship but also their musical collaboration: “Most of the time in Miami, he had a hotel room, but he wasn’t there. people thought he would be there and we would have fun watching them wait. ”

Barry Gibb: “I’ve never seen an unhappy Michael”

“The Michael that I saw, that I knew was happy, joyful … I never saw a dark side of Michael, continues Barry Gibb, when asked about the accusations against the king of pop. I’ve never seen an unhappy Michael. He was swimming with the kids, he was water skiing and it was a very, very natural situation. Just a natural situation and he would have a good time. ” The two men have worked together several times. “We went to the same kind of music and we loved collaborating and it was easy to work with him, Barry Gibb said. The more we got to know each other, the more these ideas intertwined.”

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