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Michael Jackson: this macabre business of his cousin on his brutal death

The business surrounding Michael Jackson’s death will never end. Died in June 2009, more than eleven years later, his cousin comes out of the silence to hope, too, to recover a nice sum of money. As reported by the TMZ website, in a video she shared on social media, she claims to have recovered the singer’s last intravenous infusion, the one that administered the dose of propofol that resulted in her death. After having kept it all these years, she says she is ready to part with it. In the video, we can see that the souvenir she is selling includes the tubing and bag used to administer medication. Marsha Stewart even showed that there were still bloodstains from whoever called himself the King of Pop. She would have collected this infusion in her room just after her death.

It was the bloodstains that would have caught his attention. When she saw them, she immediately wanted to get it back. Immediately, without anyone noticing, she put the infusion in her purse to take it to her house. Today the IV drip is auctioned with Memorabilia Expert Auctions company in Sin City. The auction house hopes to get at least $ 2,500 from this gruesome gruesome souvenir.

Did the infusion really belong to Michael Jackson?

On the other hand, doubts persist as to the reliability of this object. No one knows if the infusion really belonged to Mickael Jackson. Some believe it is unlikely that the police forgot to collect him in order to further determine the causes of his abrupt disappearance. For now, only the word of the singer’s cousin is authentic.

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