Michael Jackson: this abrupt reflex he had at the birth of his daughter Paris

She was the wife of the King of Pop from 1996 to 1999. Debbie Rowe, former nurse and biological mother of Prince and Paris, the first two children of Michael Jackson, returned to her relationship with the singer in the columns of the Daily Mirror. The couple met in 1995 and after the finalization of the divorce between Michael Jackson and Lisa Presley, Debbie Rowe in turn married the singer. “Michael was divorced, alone and wanted children,” the latter recalls, “I gave him my uterus as a present. I wanted him to be happy.” Two years after Prince’s birth in 1996, the couple this time has a daughter, Paris. According to British media, Michael Jackson was so anxious to bring his daughter home after giving birth that he recovered her still covered in blood. “I took her off and we went home, she still had the placenta and everything on her,” the singer admitted at the time, “I’m not kidding. I took her in a towel. and I ran. They let me do … And I took her home where I washed her. ”

Debbie Rowe, for her part, seems to have bad memories of the course of the operation, especially at the time of artificial insemination. “They fertilized me. It’s like I was impregnating my mares for breeding. It was very dehumanized,” explains the former nurse, “Just like I put sperm in my horse, that’s what they made me. I was his thoroughbred. ”

The identity of the children’s biological fathers remains a mystery

To date, it is impossible to determine the identity of the biological fathers of Paris and Prince. While some rumors cited Arnold Klein, the former boss of Debbie Rowe as the father of Prince, actor Mark Lester was meanwhile tipped as the father of Paris. Unfounded rumors, especially for the children who both refused to take a DNA test. “He’s my dad, he’ll always be my dad,” Paris said of Michael Jackson to Rolling Stones magazine in 2017.

Michael Jackson © RINDOFF-BOWEN

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