Michael J. Fox affected by Parkinson’s: his magnificent declaration of love to his wife

Love is stronger than anything … Three years after marrying Tracy Pollan, it was in 1991 that Michael J. Fox learned at the age of 29 that he had Parkinson’s disease. If this could have scared the young woman, it is in the columns of Paris Match that the actor revealed how much she was present in his fight. “Without her, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. She’s strong, that’s her Russian side!” He said. Remembering the moment he revealed his illness to her, the interpreter of Marty McFly in the Back to the Future saga recalled: “When I told her the news, she started to cry like me, but she coped. We already had our oldest, Sam, who was two years old. It was hard for her. I would have understood her to say to me: ‘It’s too much for me’ and that she ends up leave … But no. Instinctively, I understood that she was going to stay with me. She’s my rock! “

After 33 years of marriage, what is the secret of their relationship? Michael J. Fox explained, “We met on the set of the Sacred Family TV series in 1985, Tracy played my girlfriend. I fell in love when she called me an asshole after I asked her how were her garlic scampis, a way of telling her that she had bad breath … I really liked this frankness. ” Very in love, the comedian added: “From day one, Tracy understands me instinctively. I will always remember that moment when I found her in the parking lot of the set, a year after the scampi incident. Ma Ferrari was parked next to her Volkswagen, she had the radio on and said to me: ‘Here, listen to this!’ It was James Taylor’s song ‘That’s Why I’m Here’, based on John Belushi’s story. I immediately understood that she had grasped my vulnerabilities, my demons … “

“I love being with Tracy”

Last November, it was during an interview with People that the actor confided that their love was only growing: “Every day, we have something that we laugh at for two good minutes. Thanks to the genre. of support she gives me, I feel like a husband, father and friend first and then, somewhere, I’m a person with Parkinson’s. ” Satisfied, he added: “I love being with my family. I love being with Tracy. I like not doing a lot of unnecessary things that I used to do, because I have neither the energy nor the energy. time.”

Tracy Pollan and her husband Michael J. Fox © FAME PICTURES

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