Michael Douglas: What was he stunned by on his first night with Catherine Zeta-Jones?

In 1998, it was during the Deauville American Film Festival that Michael Douglas’ gaze met that of Catherine Zeta-Jones. If since their marriage, celebrated on November 18, 2000 in New York, the couple share a lot of things together, they also share their anniversary date: September 25! Would they also have similar characters? Asked by Public, Catherine Zeta-Jones explained, “I don’t know if astrology has to do with this, but we are similar in many ways. Anyway, on our first night together, we were stunned. to have the same day of birth! Somewhere, that was a sign. For years, we shared the same cake, but it’s over! I want my candles and my gifts. “

A few days earlier, it was for WSJ Magazine that Catherine Zeta-Jones had confided in her love for her husband, Michael Douglas. She revealed then: “We have never lost our sense of humor and we enjoy each other’s company. My husband and I spend a lot of time together because, unlike many other couples , we have never had a job with fixed hours. We are either fully or free. “

A couple that lasts

After twenty years of marriage, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are still as accomplices. For the Wall Street Journal, the actress had explained recently: “We had long moments together, just both, because we do not have office hours (…) We respect the each other and kept our humor. We have a lot of fun together (…) Every relationship has its ups and downs, but consistency is love and respect. ” While the actor is twenty-five years older than his wife, it is on the set of the Ellen Show that he revealed in 2019: “Eight or nine years ago, I had cancer and I I thought about growing old. Subsequently, once I had a good health check, I felt good. Having a young wife makes me feel good (…) I can’t be stupid So at 75, I’m looking at the next fifteen years to come and whether I would still have my head when I’m 90. “

A couple that lasts

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones © STARMAX

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