Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrate their porcelain wedding anniversary! This Wednesday, November 18, in fact, the two spouses are celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary. A very important date for the two actors, who met several decades ago. As they are used to, they again declared their flames on social networks. For the occasion, the mother of Dylan and Carys melted Internet users with a crisp video that traces their years of love. “20 years ago today Michael and I got married !! What an amazing magical night it was! And 7,304.85 days and nights, I love you now as I did then, commented Catherine Zeta. Jones, still in love with her husband, captioned a slideshow of snapshots of their marriage and more intimate photographs of their married life. Thank you for the love and the laughter. ”

“Happy 20th birthday my darling! I love you forever and ever”, meanwhile wrote Michael Douglas on Instagram, caption of an audio of him which recounts the first time he met Catherine Zeta-Jones . In it, the comedian revealed that he first laid eyes on his wife after being mesmerized by her performance in the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro. “I watch this movie and then I say, ‘Wow, who is this girl, she’s amazing,'” he recalled. A month later, at the Deauville Film Festival, the two met and shared an evening they will never forget. The couple announced their engagement in December 1999 before getting married at the Plaza Hotel in New York City after Michael Douglas finalized his divorce from his first wife, Diandra Luker. From their love were born two children: Dylan, 20 years old and Carys, 17 years old.

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A love always passionate

In the columns of People a few days ago, Catherine Zeta-Jones joked about their twentieth wedding anniversary. “I’m going to lift my mask and let my husband kiss me passionately, then I’ll put it back on firmly, the actress laughed. We won’t be having a big party. Not that I’m a big party fan anyway. . It would be nice to have all of our friends in one place, but we won’t do that until we are completely out of the epidemic. ” On September 25, they celebrated their birthdays – she is 51 while her husband is 71 – with tender declarations. “Happy birthday Catherine! I bet you’re happy this year is over! Here is the future, wrote Kirk Douglas’s son in the caption of a tender video. Happy birthday Catherine. I love you.”

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