Suffice to say, little Mia Tindall has been quiet lately. Currently, the granddaughter of Princess Anne is 8 years old and is particularly dynamic. Something that we understand when we know that his dad, Mike Tindall, 43, is a rugby player and his mother, Zara Phillips, 40, is a seasoned rider. Royal fans were able to see Mia Tindall in particular on the weekend of January 31. Indeed, it was in the arms of her parents that Princess Anne’s granddaughter was seen.

Last weekend, little Mia Tindall had the opportunity to enjoy her parents all by herself. Indeed, the Tindall family was out, but without Lena, 3 years old, and little Lucas, 10 months. Moreover, little Mia Tindall, 8, made two appearances to the delight of the British. The eldest daughter of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall played sports with both her mother and her father. It was, by the way, a busy weekend for Mia Tindall. On Saturday January 29, the great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, 95, went horseback riding with her mother. On Sunday January 30, it was in crampons with her father that little Mia was seen. For sure, the 8-year-old girl inherited her parents’ passion for sport.

Sport is an important part of the Tindall family

It was at the Cheltenham Festival Trial, the famous horse race, that little Mia Tindall was seen hand in hand with her mother Zara Tindall, 40, on Saturday January 29. Remember that the latter is a distinguished rider who has notably been an Olympic medalist. Princess Anne’s granddaughter, 71, showed up in a polka dot dress with a cute headband.

Mia Tindall also supported her father, Mike Tindall, on Sunday, January 30. The former professional player has put on his cleats for a charity match. The match notably pitted Rugby For Heroes against Gloucester City Legends. For little Mia Tindall, sport is therefore an integral part of her life. Moreover, his mother, Zara Tindall has already confided in the important place that sport occupies in the life of the Tindall family during an interview in 2014.

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