Metamorphosed Teddy Riner: this very hard diet that he must follow to the millimeter

Already two-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion in judo, Teddy Riner is one of the most anticipated athletes for the Tokyo Olympic Games. While aiming for a third gold medal, the athlete has been giving himself the means, for several years, to achieve his goal. As reported by Le Parisien, Teddy Riner has in particular completely changed his lifestyle, with the unwavering support of health professionals. Metamorphosed, the judoka has managed to melt away thanks to a drastic diet that he must follow rigorously. If he weighed 153 kg in February 2020, he now displays 138 kg on the scale.

This thanks to his two coaches, Julien Corvo and Brieuc Gobé, who offered him a whole new approach to physical preparation: “Teddy had to reframe what he ate, especially sugar, to rebalance things” explains Julien Corvo to our colleagues, before adding: “We take stock of his weight every day. As soon as he eats something extra we are aware. Not to berate him, but to accompany him as closely as possible”. Teddy Riner is therefore entitled to balanced menus prepared by a chef and delivered twice a week. Note that all his dishes are weighed to the nearest gram.

Why is Teddy Riner followed by a psychologist?

As everything is also a question of will and motivation, Teddy Riner also benefits from the support of a psychologist, Meriem Salmi, who has been following him since he was 14 years old. “When you receive your dishes in boxes, you have to have the will to eat them and nothing else, that’s the mental work” says Luthna, the champion’s companion. Julien Corvo and Brieuc Gobé also offer the star of judo neurological activation exercises, “which take into account what it is”. This consists, for example, of starting a training session with a game of hide and seek. “Teddy is a fairly strong personality, he is someone who likes to laugh. Hide and seek allows him to free himself. When behind we ask him to be 150% on an exercise, he does it”, welcomes one of his coaches. The recipe for success ?

Teddy Riner © JB Autissier

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