King Charles III is expected to respond to Prince Harry
Since the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs, Charles III has been silent
The king could come out of silence during an event interview

Will the backlash be painful for Prince Harry? Since the publication of his memoirs, The Substitute, the royal family has logically been silent… During their engagements, King Charles III like Kate Middleton or even Prince William were careful not to comment on the revelations of the Duke of Sussex. Unless they’re plotting a revenge? Because according to sources close to the Crown, the British sovereign would think about responding to his younger brother. Where ? On the antenna of the very serious BBC. Before the coronation of Charles III, the employees of the chain are busy behind the scenes, in particular to convince Jonathan Dimbleby, a close friend of the king, to conduct this interview. “Plans are already underway for coronation coverage on the BBC, including an interview with the monarch,” a source said.

But for the moment, the communication team of King Charles III remains cautious. “Even a small comment about Harry and Meghan would make world news. It could also provoke a response from Harry, which would be unpredictable, like so many others. It’s all very delicate,” she continued. If concern reigns in the entourage of the monarch, it is also because the interviews that the members of the royal family have granted to the BBC have left bad memories… We remember in particular the disaster interview that ‘Andrew gave to respond to accusations of sexual assault made by Virginia Giuffre… To reassure King Charles III and establish a climate of trust, the channel is considering several options, in particular that of not filming a traditional interview.

Harry and Meghan: will they be invited to the coronation of Charles III?

Instead, King Charles III could, for example, be filmed in his daily life, punctuated by engagements, appointments at Buckingham Palace and preparations for his coronation, which will take place on May 6. But for the moment, the signals are not really green… To avoid any controversy, King Charles III could prefer to fully control his communication and thus choose to publish his speech himself, without mentioning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle … In the meantime, a question burns the lips of royal commentators: will the Sussexes be invited by the sovereign for his coronation? If some sources assure that they “will be absolutely invited”, others affirm that King Charles III does not intend to send them an invitation card… Whatever he does, Camilla’s husband is followed by the shadow of his son.

Memoirs of Prince Harry: Charles III about to break the silence and respond to his son

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