A fulfilled mother. Married since 2008 to comedian Jamel Debbouze, Mélissa Theuriau gave birth to two children: Léon, born in 2008, and Lila, born in 2011. The couple does not hesitate to regularly share their family happiness with their subscribers on social networks. , by posting many images of their daily life, but while being careful to preserve the anonymity of the children.

And this Monday, April 4, Mélissa Theuriau shared with her fans a new moment in her life. On Instagram, the producer of the show Au tableau !!! posted a very funny video of his little Lila. The 10-year-old girl, who recently injured her leg, is immobilized at home. Despite everything, she wanted to offer a little musical show to her mother, in which she gave her full support to Ukraine. But she also took the opportunity to attack Vladimir Putin.

Little Lila takes on Vladimir Putin

Even if she is currently in a situation of temporary disability, the little girl seems ready to rub shoulders with the Russian leader. “He’s not very tall and above all, he hurts Ukrainians! And that’s not good, he’s not smart”, we can hear him chanting in the video. Words that apparently made his mom very proud. The latter, involved in many humanitarian causes, never hesitates to pass on her values ​​to her children. So it would seem that Lila has already learned her lesson well.

Melissa Theuriau © PATRICK BERNARD

Lara T.
Lara T.

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