She can’t take it anymore. The whole world has been living with the Covid-19 epidemic for over a year. This continues to decrease and finally starts to rise again. While the vaccination campaign began a few months ago, many vaccinated people have contracted the virus. This is the case of Melissa Joan Hart who gave her news on her Instagram account this Wednesday, August 18. “I am vaccinated and I caught the Covid. It is very bad”, she first explained before giving more details: “I have a pressure in the chest. It is difficult for me to breathe “. In addition, one of his children also contracted it. “I pray that the others are well,” she said afterwards. According to the words of the actress, it is because of the lack of restrictions at the school of her children that she would have contracted the virus. “I think as a country we’ve gotten a bit lazy and I’m really angry that my kids didn’t have to wear masks at school. I’m pretty sure where that came from. “, she concluded.

They are careful. Despite the many precautions she was able to take, Melissa Joan Hart has not escaped the virus. If she claims to think she contracted because of her children’s school, the actress however congratulates her youngest boy for always being very careful. “He wore the mask to school every day because he used to do it every day,” she says. “I just hope my husband and my other children don’t catch it, because if one of them is taken to the hospital, I can’t go with them,” she continued. Determined to make herself heard, Melissa Joan Hart took this opportunity to indicate that she is “very afraid and I am sad but also disappointed with myself and some of our leaders. I would have liked to have done better, so I ask you to do better than me, ”says the actress. To conclude her remarks, she recalls that it is necessary to “protect your families and protect your children. It is not finished yet. I had hoped that it is the case, but it is not, so remain vigilant and safe, ”concluded Melissa Joan Hart.

Melissa Joan Hart: who does she share her life with?

A true icon of the 1990s, Melissa Joan Hart was revealed to the general public in the television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in which she played the main role. Very active on social networks, the actress shares her life with musician Mark Wilkerson. Both got married in 2003 and they had three children: Mason, born January 11, 2006, Braydon, born March 12, 2008, then Tucker McFadden, born September 18, 2012.

Melissa Joan Hart © FAMEFLYNET

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