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Mélissa, 22, was harassed by her partner … until suicide

On the evening of February 12, 2016, Mélissa was about to commit the irreparable. From the second floor of her companion’s apartment, located in a building in Chambéry, Savoie, the 23-year-old is living her last moments. She’s exhausted. Asphyxiated, broken by the toxic relationship she has had for five months with Johan. Suddenly, without a word, under the latter’s eyes, she rushes into the void. The unfortunate woman will succumb on April 3, after fifty days of coma …

A fatal gesture, imbued with desperation, which results from a harassment that began in the first weeks of their relationship. An interminable period during which she was subjected to remarks at first denigrating and guilty, then violent and even insulting all the time, from this man of 30 years. A demolition company that ends up getting the better of its will to live. In any case, this is the thesis supported by Corinne, her mother, who considers that her daughter was constantly belittled.

“You’re just a bitch, a big bitch,” he said to her

“There are words that act like stab wounds. The only way Melissa has found to escape this hell is to jump,” she says. A feeling shared by the investigating judge in charge of the case who, in October 2018, condemned the actions of this man towards the young woman. Heinous acts and words which, according to him, have resulted “in a gradual deterioration of her living conditions, and ultimately pushed her to end her life”.

In his order, the judge even mentions a real “grip” of which this nursery worker was victim in the Savoy ski resort of La Tania. Charges of very serious psychological violence, which then earned Johan to be sent to the criminal court for “moral harassment on a spouse with disability greater than eight days”.

Father of two little girls, he manipulated Mélissa to the point of making her crack

It was the night before the tragedy that this father of two little girls manipulated Mélissa to the point of making her crack. First by covering her with insults, to punish her for having gone to party with friends, then for having slept at a friend’s house: “You’re just a bitch, a fat whore. I’d rather die only continue to love you. I’ll go see your parents and tell them the whole truth. ” In the process, he pushes the vice until making her believe that he would have tried to commit suicide because of her, by sending her the photos of a cut finger and a notched wrist … found on the web!

“You will explain to my daughters what happened”, he added finally, in order to perfect this odious blackmail. For the magistrate, it was the fact of having then rejected her and of having “refused to speak with her when she had come to her home to be able to discuss” that led Mélissa to commit the irreparable. During his trial, the man described as “jealous” and “possessive” by the relatives of the disappeared did not deny anything of the facts that overwhelm him.

Last June, despite his confession, the accused was released by the court

“My remarks against Mélissa before her suicide were unspeakable, unforgivable. Yes, I harassed her the last twenty-four hours. I would like to say sorry to Mélissa, to her family”, he admitted in the room of the Criminal Court of Chambéry. Except that in the absence of physical violence, justice has neither traces nor medical certificates. Last June, the one who exercises the profession of hospital worker was finally released by the court.

At the pronouncement of the judgment, after four years of an intense fight, Corinne, Mélissa’s mother, collapsed: “I am angry, appalled. I do not understand. The file is however complete. There is had a confession. And on arrival, there is nothing. What more? I don’t know. It feels like you can never prove that harassment leads to suicide. that I do not accept. ” The prosecution appealed against the court’s decision. On July 22, a new law recognized forced suicide as an aggravating circumstance of moral harassment, with sentences of up to ten years in prison. A second chance to do Melissa justice is looming on the horizon.

In five months, the young woman found herself completely under the influence of her boyfriend. © FACEBOOK MELISSA PERROT

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