Mélanie Da Cruz cried for her baby all the month of June: her shattering revelations about her ectopic pregnancy

Mélanie Da Cruz has lived through a difficult period. As she revealed on her Instagram account on Wednesday June 30, 2021, she has indeed had an ectopic pregnancy. In other words, her fertilized ovary was not placed in her uterus but well outside. “Since the month of December I have been receiving congratulations for an imaginary pregnancy (…) So I decided to explain to you why it was too much time for me, especially since I don’t even have a little belly so I didn’t understand … I spent my month of June crying for my baby, in fact I was diagnosed at around 5-6 weeks old with an ectopic pregnancy. ” she revealed. According to her, only 2% of pregnant women are affected by this phenomenon. “Following that I faced complications (…) I spent 4 days in the hospital when I was in Dubai (round trip) I came close to the emergency operation, I I will skip the rest of the details. ” added Mélanie Da Cruz.

Very affected by the situation, Mélanie Da Cruz then confided that she felt “empty and alone” since this ordeal. “When you are a woman you have to manage this ordeal physically which is not really easy but psychologically it is unbearable, you are really misunderstood by the whole world. You also understood it during the live on endometriosis it ‘ was not the first time that I encountered problems (before Swan). This is the first time I indulge myself, maybe because today I feel empty and alone, and also because pretending it doesn’t help anyone , and I’m already pretending enough in front of my people. ” she concluded.

Mélanie Da Cruz: who is her companion?

As a reminder, Mélanie Da Cruz is already the mother of a little boy named Swan. It was on July 25, 2018 that she announced her arrival, still via her Instagram account. His son was born from his union with football player Anthony Martial. On March 24, 2019, the couple got engaged while in Dubai and then got married in secret.

Mélanie Da Cruz © Instagram

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