Mélanie Da Cruz and Anthony Martial are going through a difficult period. Since January 27, following the defeat of Manchester United – Anthony Martial’s team – against Sheffield United in which the footballer participated, the family has been targeted. First there were the racist insults, which the former reality TV candidate had quickly condemned on social networks. An Internet user had sent him the following message: “You are white and you stay with a black con, it’s disgusting”. Following that, she had specified that “it does not date from yesterday the racist remarks”. “Every game I get harassed by sick people! It’s a shame,” she then blurted out, very upset.

Then death threats, some of which were also revealed by the young woman. One message read: “Tell your fucking husband, boyfriend or whatever get out of Manchester or we’ll kill him. Last warning. He made us lose the League title. You have to clear, or else you put your lives (your child and Martial) in danger “. Mélanie Da Cruz had indicated that this kind of message always occurs when her husband participates in a football match.

Mélanie Da Cruz and Anthony Martial under protection

Manchester United have taken the necessary steps to protect their player, wife and their two-year-old son, Swan, according to Daily Mail reports. Indeed, close sources assure that security has been reinforced near their home. However, the club, contacted by the British media, did not wish to react. Also according to the Daily Mail, the police were informed of these messages which they considered “hateful” and “deeply disturbing”. An investigation carried out “in depth” will be carried out to find the authors.

Mélanie Da Cruz, Anthony Martial and their son © Instagram

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