Melania Trump: this very embarrassing secret recording of her private conversations

Smiling and silent First Lady, Melania Trump’s beliefs and opinions are a mystery. Mobilized against cyberstalking, she who is frequently the target of criticism on social networks, Donald Trump’s wife is often noticed for her looks … even going so far as to create controversy as she had been able to do with a problematic jacket in 2018 on which was written: “I do not care royally. And you?” She was then going to a detention center on the border between the United States and Mexico. But this Thursday, October 1, the mask of the ex-model fell, when the CNN channel revealed the recording of a private conversation dating from June 2018 and in which the American First Lady lets go, in particular on migration policy deplored by her husband. “They say that I am an accomplice. That I am like him, that I support him. That I do not say enough, that I do not do enough where I am”, laments Melania Trump to his former advisor and ex-friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff (and author of the book Melania and Me).

Criticized because of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, noticed following the brutal separation of Mexican families at the border, Barron Trump’s mother had other priorities, despite herself. “I’m breaking my ass on Christmas stuff, nobody cares about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, okay?” Festive activities lambasted, some believing that Melania Trump had to change her priorities. “Let go of me for a bit. Did they say something when Obama was doing that?” But in this recording, if she seems to want to take a stand, the 50-year-old ex-top also lets out remarks that could earn her further criticism by talking about the fate of migrant children detained at the border. “The kids say, ‘wow, will I have my own bed? Am I going to sleep on a bed?’ (…) It’s so sad to hear it but they don’t have that in their country, they sleep on the floor, “she supposes. And to continue: “We take good care of them there (…) yes, they are not with their parents, it’s sad. But when they come here alone or with coyotes or illegally, you have to do something. ” Before estimating that “Mexico does not take care of them in the same way as America.”

Here’s all of the Melania Trump audio played on @andersoncooper tonight. The audio was taped by her former friend and advisor @SWWCreative. In the tapes, Mrs. Trump talks about: – Family separations – Christmas – “Liberal media” – The “I really don’t care” jacket

– Yashar Ali (@yashar) October 2, 2020

Melania Trump tested positive

New scandal for Melania Trump? If this recording could push her to the heart of a new controversy, FLOTUS must also face the coronavirus. The news had the effect of a cataclysm: following the positive test of his close advisor Hope Hicks, Donald Trump announced that he had been entitled to the same diagnosis, just like his wife, this Friday, October 2 and after the fiasco of first debate in view of the presidential election. “We feel good and I have postponed all of my future commitments,” Melania Trump assured on her Twitter account, “make sure you stay safe and we’re going through this all together.” Hours later, the 45th President of the United States was hospitalized for the purpose of receiving experimental treatment.

An annoying recording © WALTER

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