Melania Trump: this tribute she should have avoided paying

The homage of discord. On February 17, Rush Limbaugh, famous American radio host, succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 70. A news that saddened Melania Trump, who seized her Twitter account to pay tribute to this “intrepid American patriot”, to whom we owe “countless contributions to society and (who) leaves an unforgettable legacy” . A tribute, and an esteem which, however, was not shared by everyone, such as journalist Bob Moser, who felt that Rush Limbaugh “was doing his best to ruin America”.

Also, another Internet user reminded the ex-First Lady that the radio journalist had in the past “made fun of the deaths of AIDS and the children who died in school shootings”, and to have also questioned the illness of Michael J. Fox with Parkinson’s, whom he accused of “exaggerating the effects of his disease” and even of “playing a role”. True star of the antenna, where he gathered every day some 15 million listeners, Rush Limbaugh was “at the origin of the political strategy which allowed Donald Trump to reach the White House”, declared the Washington Post, quoted by Le Monde. In February 2020, just days after the announcement of his cancer, Donald Trump presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the most prestigious civilian decoration in the country.

He laughed at people dying of AIDS and kids who died in school shootings. There isn’t a ring of hell low enough for him to burn in. The celebrating of his passing is a mere taste of how we’ll celebrate when Donnie boy finally eats his last Big Mac.

– Glenn Crawford (@GraphiqueJack) February 17, 2021

This rumor that he circulated about Barack Obama

Very touched by his disappearance, the former President of the United States hailed on Fox News “A great man” who “supported him from the start”. A staunch defender of conspiracy theories, Rush Limbaugh regularly attacked Democrats, feminists, whom he nicknamed the “feminazies”, immigrants, environmentalists, but also Barack Obama, whose first election he tried to prevent in 2008. After sowing doubt, like Donald Trump, on the birth of the 44th President of the United States, in an attempt to delegitimize his candidacy for the White House, he called on the Republicans to change parties to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. An initiative called “Operation Chaos”.

Melania Trump © Backgrid USA

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