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Melania Trump: this awkward moment with her husband Donald very noticed after the debate (VIDEO)

We can no longer count the number of times Melania Trump has rejected her husband’s hand since the start of his term. Thursday, October 22, Joe Biden and Donald Trump clashed again during a debate for the next presidential elections, in Nashville. And if when leaving the scene, the Democratic candidate and his wife Jill were united and close, it was not the same atmosphere on the Trump side.

Arriving on stage wearing an elegant black dress, Melania Trump smiled under mask as she posed for the photographers alongside her husband Donald and holding his hand. But once a few seconds passed under the crackling of flashes, the First Lady quickly released his hand. And if usually he doesn’t mind when his wife refuses to hold his hand, this time the tenant of the White House pushed her slightly, as if to signify his annoyance for such an awkward moment at home. resulting from a heated debate.

Look at Melania Trump’s hand after posing with Donald #Trump in front of photographers # Debates2020 #debate pic.twitter.com/bywLmiJopu

– Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) October 23, 2020

Two couples, two atmospheres # Debate2020 # Debates2020 pic.twitter.com/FJGQtxcYYz

– Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) October 23, 2020

New blunder in Donald Trump’s campaign after his daughter’s speech

Charged with giving a little boost to her husband’s campaign, Melania Trump had finally given up speaking at a meeting, and this because she was not fully recovered from the coronavirus. Instead, Donald Trump’s teams had decided to play a very special card: that of Tiffany Trump. Who has yet, not at all convinced. Invited to speak out on behalf of their father, it is indeed not uncommon for Trump children to speak at meetings. But the younger daughter’s card is never the right one according to some. “They always take her out of the dungeon at the wrong times”, could one read in particular on social networks, where many were those who deplored the lunar speech of the young woman. A blow for Donald Trump who after being served by his daughter, finds himself embarrassed by his wife.

Melania and Donald Trump © Twitter

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