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Melania Trump replaced by a lookalike: this new photos that revive the persistent rumor

What if Donald Trump called on a double of his wife to accompany him during his official engagements? This totally crazy rumor has persisted for many years. It all started in 2017, after the President of the United States visited Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. By his side ? A totally frozen Melania Trump, hidden behind big sunglasses. “Totally convinced that Melania is played by an impersonator in recent days. Theory: she left it a few weeks ago,” then launched Marina Hyde, an editorial writer for the Guardian. Like her, an American YouTuber wondered: “It’s not Melania. I didn’t think they would go that far. Now I wonder what else they’re lying to us about.” Quickly, the rumor swelled on social networks without Melania or Donald Trump responding.

And if the noise of the corridors had subsided over the months, they have picked up again with the approach of the American presidential election and Internet users are sure of their shots. It was snapshots of Melania and Donald Trump aboard Marine One at the White House, taken on Thursday, October 22, that sparked a new frenzy on social media. The First Lady wore, as usual, black sunglasses hiding much of her face and smiling broadly. For Internet users, it was enough to say that this woman was not really Melania Trump. The reason ? The different smile and even the shape of the face, which they said would not be that of the First Lady. “It’s… so not Melania. They haven’t even tried”, “Has anyone checked out where the real Melania is?”, “I never believed in the #FakeMelania conspiracies, but you can say that it is not 100% her, because she looks affectionately at a Christmas tree in the distance “, can we read in particular on Twitter, as reported by The Mirror.

Has someone checked on the “real” Melania? pic.twitter.com/9gqAqqt1L0

– Stephanie J. Block (@StephanieJBlock) October 25, 2020

Donald Trump tackles fake news

The President of the United States himself addressed this conspiracy theory a few months ago, blaming journalists for retouching the images of his wife. “The Fake News photographed photos of Melania and then propelled conspiracy theories that she is not actually her by my side in Alabama and elsewhere. They become more and more disturbed over time,” the then wrote. Donald Trump. Stephanie Grisham, the spokesperson then judged this rumor as “ridiculous”. “Once again, we are overwhelmed by an absurd story, a non-event, when we could talk about the work that the First Lady does on behalf of the children,” she reacted.

Melania Trump © WALTER

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