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Melania Trump no longer pretends: this unequivocal video where she snubs her husband

No more pretending for Melania Trump. Hours after leaving the White House, Donald Trump and his wife arrived in Florida to settle in the billionaire’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach. A new life far from Washington for the former presidential couple, who did not even bother, as tradition dictates, to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden. However, there are things that do not change for the ex-First Lady, since once on the tarmac, she completely snubbed her husband. And this time, without even pretending.

Used to pushing Donald Trump’s hand away during certain trips during her four-year mandate, Melania Trump this time cast a glance at the photographers and cameras that awaited her and her husband on the tarmac in Palm Beach, and continued his path hidden behind his dark glasses, leaving Donald Trump to wave to the crowd, alone. An ex-First Lady visibly relieved to have left the White House, she who will still have fulfilled her obligations until the end of her husband’s mandate, without however welcoming Jill Biden for the traditional tea between first ladies.

Mélania freewheeling pic.twitter.com/0v7iq7HaHw

– Virginie Sainsily (@vsainsily) January 20, 2021

A divorce in sight for Melania Trump?

Wearing a $ 3,700 Dolce & Gabbana gown, Melania Trump arrived in Palm Beach with the intention of reconnecting with her life before Washington, who took several months to leave the Trump Tower in Manhattan when her husband became president. . However, rumors have it that the ex-First Lady is now ready for one thing: divorce. “Melania counts the minutes until he loses her job and she can get a divorce. If she had tried to humiliate him by leaving him during his tenure, he would have found a way to punish her”, explained Omarosa Manigault Newman, his former assistant, according to the Mail Online.

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