Melania Trump: Knowledgeable Source Reveals Strange Relationship

In public, Donald and Melania Trump aren’t the biggest fans of loving proofs. And according to Michael Wolff, interviewed this Tuesday, July 20 by the British tabloid The Daily Mail, their life together is just as surprising behind closed doors. “She’s not often with him,” said the author of Fire and Fury, dedicated to the 45th President of the United States. Indeed, according to him, the former First Lady keeps her distance from her husband. A habit she kept when she left Washington. “It was true when he was in the White House and it is true now.”

What intrigue those close to the couple. “People around Trump still have questions but they don’t want to ask them,” Wolff continued. It must be said that he is well informed since Donald Trump invited him to Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The author was therefore able to sit at the table of the real estate mogul in March 2021, although he was ulcerated by his first two books about him, Fire and Fury and Siege. Alongside the predecessor of Joe Biden and Melania Trump, Michael Wolff had enough to feed his third book on the presidency of the politician. A book titled Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency. “I sat with him for several hours and was invited to dinner. It was mind-boggling, it felt like we were best friends,” Wolff recalled.

The couple of Donald and Melania Trump are they on the wing?

Despite speculation, Donald and Melania Trump’s entourage is doing everything to silence bad tongues. “Those who travel regularly with Donald Trump have noticed that he and Melania seem to have genuine affection for each other despite media speculation,” Bob Woodward wrote in his book Fear, in 2018. The lovebirds have reportedly found a balance by granting themselves an independence that is dear to them because they “never really wanted to merge their lives.” Melania Trump keeps her role as a mother at the top of her priority list.

Melania Trump © The White House via BestImage

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