Melania Trump in an orange coat: the First Lady plays the game alongside her husband for Halloween

It’s Halloween time at the White House. Sunday, October 25, young and old followed one another in front of the presidential residence for a distribution of sweets and other sweets from the presidential couple. And if Donald Trump had opted for a black coat under which we could see his eternal red tie, his wife Melania had played the game with a very autumnal outfit. Dressed in a long suede coat, the First lady had fallen for orange, which was reminiscent of the color of the many pumpkins that had been arranged at the entrance of the White House.

Smiling and radiant, Melania Trump lent herself to the game of distributing candy with great enthusiasm, she who had to fight for several days against Covid-19, which she, her husband and their son Barron contracted. And if the presidential couple saw many children parade, disguised as unicorns, dinosaurs, superheroes, Harry Potter or even zombies and skeletons, they were also surprised to see two children dressed up … as Donald and Melania Trump! A little surprise that seems to have amused them a lot to believe their reaction.

Melania Trump replaced by a lookalike alongside her husband?

It is accomplices that the presidential couple appeared this Sunday, October 25, while a few days earlier, Melania Trump had again provoked an embarrassing moment by brutally releasing her husband’s hand after his second meeting against Joe Biden. Which had pushed his wife as if to signify his annoyance, while he will play his succession to the White House on November 3. However, with the approach of the elections, Donald Trump is not the only one to be the subject of criticism and rumors, since his Melania Trump also takes it for his rank. And as proof, the rumor that she would be replaced by a double alongside her husband has just resurfaced …

Melania and Donald Trump © © Mega / KCS

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