Melania Trump: How is her son Barron doing after testing positive for Covid-19?

It is a family ordeal that Donald Trump went through with his wife Melania and his son Barron. On October 2, the US President and the First Lady announced on social networks that they had contracted Covid-19, then immediately quarantining themselves. However, as a precaution, doctors sent Donald Trump to the hospital, while his wife remained in the White House, along with his son Barron, who also tested positive.

If after a first test the 14-year-old teenager tested negative, it turns out that after a second, he revealed that like his parents, he had contracted the coronavirus, reveals Melania Trump in an article entitled My personal experience with Covid-19 at the White House site. After testing positive herself, the First Lady explains that she immediately thought of her son Barron, worrying that despite testing negative, he would end up having it too. “My fear came true when he got tested again and came back positive. Luckily he is a strong teenager and has no symptoms,” she explains.

Melania Trump “happy” to have experienced this with her husband and son

If Donald Trump was forced to make a short visit to the hospital, for an expensive hospitalization, Melania Trump explains that she saw this experience as a moment that brought her family closer. “In a way, I was happy that the three of us went through this at the same time so that we could take care of each other and spend time together,” she explains, adding that since then, her son Barron, whom she doesn’t hesitate to defend tooth and nail when laughed at, has tested negative.

Tiffany Trump, Donald and Melania Trump with their son Barron © Imago

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