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Melania Trump: her very inelegant gesture that broke tradition by leaving the White House

Last misstep before departure. After four years of presidential mandate, Donald Trump gave way on January 20 to Joe Biden, leaving him the keys to Washington, without a transfer of power worthy of the name. For her part, Melania Trump did not share tea with Jill Biden either as tradition dictates, to introduce her to the functions of First Lady. And that’s not the only tradition she hasn’t respected. Indeed, as reported by several American media, the ex-model did not personally thank the employees of the White House, who worked for her for four years.

According to tradition, the presidential couple generally send their wishes and thanks to all the staff in charge of their comfort at the White House. Personalized correspondence that generally contains memories or anecdotes between them and the presidential couple, a “precious memory” that they like to keep as a token of gratitude for their work, underlines CNN. But according to the US media outlet, Melania Trump instructed a “lower level” staff member to write a note to the employees, “like the old First Lady.”

Melania Trump snubs her husband when he arrives in Florida

Obviously too eager to leave the White House, Melania Trump would have forgotten the rules of politeness, she who still said her farewell to the Americans in a strong message. But once Washington left, finished pretending for the wife of Donald Trump, who upon her arrival in Florida completely snubbed the journalists and photographers, who came on the tarmac to welcome the ex-presidential couple. While the former president lingered for a few photos, his wife she traced her path without paying attention to the cameras, hidden behind her dark glasses, and did not even land a smile or pose with her husband.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania © WALTER

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