If they tried to appear united for all to see, Donald and Melania Trump were shaken by the scandal caused by Stormy Daniels. She claimed that the ex-star of The Apprentice would have had an affair with her, shortly after his wife gave birth to their son Barron in 2006. Cheated by her beloved according to these explosive revelations, the ex-First Lady kept an Olympian calm in public but did not fail to take revenge for justice behind the closed doors of the White House. In any case, this is what her former spokesperson Stephanie Grisham says in her book I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House, to be published on October 5, 2021. In a new appearance public, the former model has chosen not to appear on the arm of her husband, but rather hanging on that of a handsome soldier selected by his ex-collaborator.

The mother of Barron Trump, scorned, wanted to stir up the jealousy of the former US president. At the time of the facts, claiming that “the floors of the Capitol was too slippery” according to the Washington Post. Donald Trump was then delivering a State of the Union speech and was therefore unable to express his embarrassment. Something to make Stephanie Grisham smile. “I laughed a lot because I had seen her cross dirt roads in heels,” she wrote in her book. If Melania Trump would have carefully orchestrated this revenge, she once again showed no emotion. He had been asked to publicly support the real estate mogul turned politician. “This is Donald’s problem. He has put himself alone in this story. He can handle it on his own,” she would have confided.

Melania Trump, an indifferent who indignant

The public will also remember the many occasions when Melania Trump also refused to reach out to Joe Biden’s predecessor. Another voluntary humiliation? Only the couple will know. Nevertheless, the indifference of the ex-top has often played tricks and provoked controversy. In January 2021, and as pro-Donald Trump protesters stormed Capitol Hill, she had not flinched, sparking outrage from many anonymous. At the material time, Melania Trump was already devoting herself to her post-White House projects, ready to slam the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Donald and Melania Trump © Backgrid USA

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