Meghan Markle would have found the parade to fail Prince Harry

It is once again alone that Prince Harry will make the trip to the United Kingdom. On July 1, he and his brother Prince William are expected in Kensington Palace Gardens to unveil a statue in honor of their mother, Lady Diana, on what would have been her 60th birthday. A moment which already promises to be very emotional, despite the relations that the two princes have maintained for several months, and which Meghan Markle should not attend. Already absent from Prince Philip’s funeral due to her pregnancy and the ban on her doctors from flying, it turns out that the Duchess of Sussex has once again found the parade not to travel to England.

“Meghan will not be traveling, an anonymous source told the Mirror. She has just had a baby and Harry will be traveling alone.” A categorical announcement, while Phil Dampier, expert on royalty, also declared that he “strongly doubts” that the wife of prince Harry will make the trip with him, with as an excuse, the birth on June 4 of his second child, Lilibet. “It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t see Meghan for a while,” he told The Sun, adding that the Duchess surely feared her “lack of popularity” with the royal family now, but also with the British. “I think she will prefer to stay in California with her two young children,” he said.

Has Meghan Markle returned to England since her move?

While she is currently not being talked about for the right reasons, especially because of the explosive interview given to Oprah Winfrey in which she spoke of her suicidal thoughts and the racism that her son Archie suffered even before his birth , Meghan Markle could also decide not to be on the trip so as not to attract attention. And for good reason, in addition to having given birth to a second child, it would be his first return to the United Kingdom since his move to Los Angeles, but also since his shocking revelations. “In the unlikely event that she would go there, it would be the circus, and would distract from the objective of the ceremony: remember Lady Diana”, said Phil Dampier, who therefore explains these many excuses, and understandable reasons, may well make Prince Harry a lone traveler once again.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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