Will she dare? Since leaving the royal family in January 2020 with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has been constantly the center of attention. His interview with Oprah Winfrey has caused a lot of talk and the one recently given to Ellen DeGeneres has been widely criticized. If she seems very fulfilled in her daily life, it would seem that her royal title is a brake on her career, as experts revealed in the columns of The Sun on November 22. Indeed, this would prevent him from running in the US presidential elections. “I have no example of a person known publicly, who uses a noble title from another country and who ran for political office,” John Kowal first assured. Subsequently, he said it would be “very controversial”. The reason ? “Britain is very careful that members of the royal family stay out of politics and so it is perhaps more intrusive than anything a member of the royal family would dare to do in Britain,” said he clarified. If Meghan Markle has never publicly declared her intention to run for office, will she ever do so?

They are convinced of it. For their part, royal experts say Prince Harry’s wife will end up having an important role in politics. “The idea that Meghan Markle is running to become president of the United States is very likely and I would even say that she will,” first assured Tom Bower, who is currently working on writing an autobiography of the Duchess of Sussex. Subsequently, he said he “thinks she intends to move into politics. This is where she sees herself in the future.” For Omid Scobie, who knows Archie and Lilibet’s mother well, this hypothesis is very likely. “Meghan is the embodiment of the American dream,” he said. “One day we can probably see her as president,” he added. If the experts are convinced, a close friend of Meghan Markle has confirmed their statements. “She doesn’t want to give up her US citizenship so she has the option of turning to politics,” she told Vanity Fair. “She is seriously considering the idea of ​​running for president,” she concluded.

Meghan Markle: has she already mentioned her political ambitions?

Royal experts assure Meghan Markle will run for president in the future. But what does the main affected think? “I’m going to do everything in my power to make it a reality for everyone,” she told Ellen DeGeneres when she mentioned that “paid leave should be available to everyone. the parents”. What about the royal family? “I do not see it as a problem to be present in politics. Even though I know that there are precedents within my husband’s family not to be involved in politics,” she concluded.


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