Meghan Markle: why her new book might not be released in the UK

Rififi in bookstores that could cost Meghan Markle dearly. On June 8, the Duchess of Sussex will publish her first book, a children’s story called The Bench. Very poetic, it tells the story of the very special relationship that a little boy shares with his father, who is regularly absent because of his military work. A story that was partly inspired by the relationship between his son Archie and Prince Harry. Besides the message that some have seen as a way for her to underline her husband’s sadness at having been stripped of his military titles, and while she has been mocked by her worst enemy for this project, Meghan Markle is expected to come out as agreed this book. But maybe not in the UK.

Indeed, The Mirror reports that the Duchess of Sussex may well pay the consequences of a disagreement between her publisher and Waterstones, the UK’s largest bookseller with several stores across the country. Not long ago, Penguin Random House [PRH] set up a credit which prevents bookstores from ordering unlimited quantities of their books, angering the distributor, who has decided to remove most of the published books from its shelves. by the publishing house, in particular the new publications exhibited and highlighted in the eyes of the public.

Meghan Markle accused of plagiarism

If Waterstones reacted by explaining that the measure was intended only to protect stocks, and not as a gesture of revolt against the publishing house, it could be that The Bench does not benefit from the highlight and the promotion reserved for the new works. Missing many buyers, as the book giant in the United Kingdom occupies an important place, if Waterstones agrees to build up a stock of Meghan Markle’s work. A book not yet published, which is already making a lot of noise in the literary world, while the Duchess was also last May accused of plagiarism, and of having been inspired by the book The boy on the bench. Allegations denied by its author, who assured that it was not the same story.

Meghan Markle © Backgrid USA

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