Meghan Markle: why Donald Trump is encouraging her to run for the US presidential election in 2024?

Meghan Markle future candidate for the presidency of the United States? It’s the crazy rumor that has been going around lately. But where does this information come from? It was born after the statements of a British politician, who wished to remain anonymous, in the Daily Mail. The latter claimed that Archie’s mother had met with Democratic agents to consider and explore a possible candidacy for the US presidential election in 2024.

What to react Donald Trump who already sees himself facing the former actress of Suits: “I hope that will happen. If it happened, I think that I would have even more desire to compete also”, declared the husband of Melania Trump at Fox News. The former president also made it known that he was not Meghan Markle’s biggest fan. He indeed did not appreciate the way the Duchess of Sussex spoke of the Royal Family and the Queen: “I happen to know the Queen, as you know. I have met the Queen and I think that the Queen is a great person, and I’m not a Meghan fan, “he commented.

Meghan Markle in Donald Trump’s sights?

If the interview of Meghan and Harry for Oprah Winfrey has divided, Donald Trump seems to be one of those who did not appreciate it. In any case, this is what his ex-advisor Jason Miller suggested in Steve Bannon’s podcast on March 10. He notably revealed that Donald Trump had a lot to say about Meghan Markle, but that he was careful not to react publicly so as not to undergo the same treatment as Piers Morgan. “When I was talking to the President this morning he said to me ‘Yeah, Meghan is not a good girl. I said that and now everyone realizes it.” “Jason Miller reported in adding that Ivanka Trump’s father is also said to have claimed to be “Team Piers”: “Piers is the best, the most formidable, and they tried to cancel him because he simply criticized Meghan Markle. This is only the last chapter of woke culture “the Republican would have estimated.

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